Alconero and Associates - When to call a public adjuster in Miami
07 Dec

Accidents are unforeseeable. “Florida is continuously in Mother Nature’s crosshairs,” according to the American Property Casualty Insurance Association, implying that if you live in Miami, you are more likely to suffer Mother Nature’s diverse array of calamities. When someone experiences a disaster, it can be difficult and overwhelming. However, keep in mind that you do not have to face these difficult and stressful times alone. It is one thing to get covered during this time, but it is quite another to have a professional assist you in claiming your insurance. In this article, we will discuss if we should seek such aid, namely the assistance of a professional public adjuster in Miami to settle your claim.

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is an insurance professional that functions independently and whose main purpose, when hired, is to represent a policyholder in claiming their insurance on their behalf. A couple of things a public adjuster does for you are:

  • Evaluate property damage and loss on behalf of the policyholder.
  • Ensure your best interests by having someone handle the insurance claim on your behalf.
  • aid you in obtaining additional compensation for a claim that was previously underpaid.
  • Reopening a previously denied claim

When should I call a public adjuster in Miami?

After considering the benefits of a professional public adjuster, the question still remains, “When should I call a public adjuster?” There are multiple different reasons why a person should consider calling a public adjuster in Miami. These reasons are:

You have little to no time to handle the insurance companies’ demands. Compiling and submitting all the documents required by the insurance company is very time-consuming. Considering that you have recently lost your property, there will be a lot of things for you to tend to. From your family needing emotional support to you handling your day-to-day life, these may be things that do not give you the luxury of time you need to handle your insurance company’s requirements.

You don’t have expertise in a certain area. Insurance policies may have their own specific jargon that may be hard for an average person to understand fully. Like in any other specific profession, there are words or languages in a specific field that you might not be familiar with, leaving you unsure of your actual insurance coverage. This is where a professional public adjuster can help. Another thing to consider when filing a claim is that the insurance company will require you to access and estimate your damage. During this period, there might be two scenarios that can play out. First, an individual might not be able to fully estimate the damage. This may result in your providing an unrealistically low estimate of the damage. Another scenario is that you overestimate the insurance claim. That will cause the company adjuster to interfere and may simply approve the bare-bones repair. A professional public adjuster can assist you with providing an itemized estimate of the damage that can help you assess the full scale of repair that your property needs and your policy can accomplish.

You feel that you are still owed a large settlement. Sometimes the insurance claim is already settled, but you realize that there might be things that were not carefully considered when the claim was submitted. A professional public adjuster can assist you in this area. With the help of your public adjuster, you can get help from a public adjuster on reopening a claim and filing a supplemental claim with their insurer for additional payments. Situations such as just submitting a claim for buying a new roof without calculating the cost of the removal of the roof forgetting to consider the wall insulations and simply submitting the cost of the wall. You might be confident that you know your property’s price but a second opinion can be handy when considering the overall repair cost of the particular property.