Alconero and Associates - Understanding your coverage for water damage claim in Miami
24 Nov

Disasters, more often than not, are unpredictable, uncomfortable, and very costly events. Did you know that according to a study 1 in 50 households claim water damage in Miami every year? Burst pipes, accidental leaks, water damage caused by a tree that fell due to high winds, resulting in roof leaks, are examples of damages caused by water. Water damage is something no one can expect. That is why water damage in Miami is something to contemplate. An experienced public adjuster in Miami can be of great help in giving you professional advice and maximizing your claims when disasters like water damage happen to you, your family and friends. This article aims to discuss things you can consider to understand your coverage for water damage claims.

Dwelling Coverage

Given that water damage claims are extremely high, it is necessary to consider dwelling coverage in your insurance policy. Dwelling coverage covers the rebuilding of your home. Its primary focus is on repairing and rebuilding your home from sudden or accidental damage caused by water damage. 

Disasters, like water damage, can happen anytime, From leaking or accidental bursting water from water pipes to the flooding of your house due to accidental leaks in your house. Accidents like this in your home caused by water damage can be detrimental. Drywalls with weakened integrity resulting from long immersion in water-related problems like leaking roof pipes are examples of water damage consequences that must be handled promptly.

Although water damage does not necessitate a complete house rebuild or replacement, These are some examples of areas in the house that must be replaced or repaired as a result of water damage:

Ceiling. When water accidentally leaks through the ceiling from the floor above it, or when a tree falls on your roof due to strong winds and heavy rain causing water to flood(Please note that you must repair the damage within a specific period. Failing to do this may lead to additional water damage that would not be covered by the insurance policy.) in your vacation house, it is usually the ceiling that suffers the most damage, It is the ceiling that bears the brunt of the damage. This water damage requires repairs not only to the specific place where there is a leak, but it may also need a total replacement of the ceiling. 

Electrical Fixture. Prolonged immersion in water or moisture in the walls due to an accidental burst of gutters can create electrical problems and power outages in affected circuits. That can result in more severe damage to your household.

Floors. Floors, due to water damage, often get soaked pretty hard. These will result in your laminates, tiles, and your beautiful hardwood being gravely damaged, compromising its former glory. When damage in these areas occurs, standard home insurance can be of great benefit to you. If carefully considered, repair or replacement with similar materials is covered under a regular homeowner’s insurance policy.

Personal Property Coverage

Water damage may have a significant impact on your home, but it also has the potential to cause harm to your personal belongings. Gadgets (like cellphones, tablets, and personal computers), appliances, furniture, and other valuable personal items are vulnerable to water damage.

With personal property coverage, you’re ensuring the insurance of the actual contents of your property. And like your dwelling coverage, careful consideration of your policy is something one must thoughtfully consider. Considerations such as: which claim do you want for the damage? Is it your personal property’s replacement cost or actual cash value? There are small, somehow insignificant differences that, when not considered, may leave you with not enough money to replace the item. Personal items, for example, are covered for a depreciated value owing to wear and tear due to age in the “actual cash value” policy. This is where your public adjusters will provide you with great help. Seeking professional advice and guidance will ensure you get the most from your claim and prevent unnecessary problems.

What types of water damage in Miami are not covered?

Some certain types of water damage in Miami are not covered.

  • Water Overflow by an Outside Drain or Sewage.
  • Damage as a result of unaddressed maintenance concerns
  • Flood
  • Water damage source

Accidents happen. It is one thing to get insured to limit damage repair costs, it is another to have someone to professionally guide you in your insurance policies and attend to you so that you can maximize your insurance claims. If you are in Miami and are looking for that particular service, A public adjuster in Miami can be of tremendous assistance in this regard.