Alconero and Associates - Is your Miami home protected from fire damage?
24 Dec

According to the survey, Florida is the hottest state in the United States, with an annual average temperature of 70.7°F. With temperatures potentially reaching 90 °F to 92 °F and even reaching or exceeding 100 °F, these levels have the potential to cause more fire-related incidents. And this makes fire damage in Miami more likely. Considering safety measures in this area is something everyone must do and prepare for. These are the things one can consider when preventing fire damage in Miami and saving you from a potential property or, at worst, life loss. 

Check your old appliances and devices

Materials that are flammable, such as plywood, gasoline, and paint, are the most common culprits of fire damage in Miami. Items like these can ignite a fire with just a single spark and, if not controlled, can result in fire damage. Checking your fireplaces and putting away anything that could cause a fire is a must. If you or someone in your family smokes, designating a specific smoking area and using a garbage can for cigarette butts can help reduce the risk of an unintentional fire. Our appliances, over time, get worn out. Worn-out appliances, specifically their wire sockets, over a particular amount of time, especially if they’re not grounded properly, can end up causing fire damage to your property. Another thing is that the wiring behind them deteriorates as well, and cables are strung about that loosen over time and may break, resulting in a fire. Consider checking the outlets and switches. The wiring behind the outlets and switches deteriorates as well, and cables are strung about that loosen over time and may break, resulting in fire damage. 

Have a safety plan

Considering our family’s safety is arguably our first priority when our property catches fire, good practices to consider, like planning and discussing your escape route when a fire happens, can make a lot of difference. Installing smoke detectors and checking them monthly is another safety habit that we can adopt to prevent fire and alert us right away when it starts. Or, closing the door of your room can act as an improvised firewall and act as a fire deterrent, preventing your whole house from being completely damaged, or at least slowing the fire down and providing your family enough time to react at this critical moment. Fire damage in Miami is expensive. 

Ensure your property

Accidents are unpredictable and may cost you a fortune. Ensuring your property is important because the fire insurance policy safeguards your property and the fixtures in it against perils. And when the actual fire damage happens, hiring a public adjuster can assist you in maximizing the benefits of your insurance policy. The aftermath of a fire accident on your property is not a fun experience. There are a lot of things for you to handle, especially coping with the trauma and helping your family emotionally cope and recover from the situation. Having an expert public adjuster aiding you in your pursuit of claiming your insurance benefits can ensure that you will be able to make the most of your policy. This is done by not lowballing your claim due to undervaluing your property damage by filling in unreasonably low claims. This happens when one fails to assess professionally the overall fire damage in Miami incurred and the required fixtures or replacement for the said property. In this area, a professional public adjuster who is well acquainted with the specific concern can help you prevent making this particular mistake.


At the end of the day, no one wants their home or other property damaged. Fire damage is particularly terrible because it not only destroys your entire property but may also take the lives of your loved ones. Consider the tips above to reduce the likelihood of your house catching fire. If a fire breakout occurs, these tips prepare you to confront the worst-case scenario with little to no complications.