what is a public adjuster
14 Jul

Insurance companies offer various services, both for individuals and businesses. The different insurances allow the consumer to have protection against different eventualities: fires, floods, natural disasters, theft, etc. Although this works correctly, many times it is necessary to claim the company so that it takes care of the costs in the event of a certain problem. That’s where knowing you’re a public adjuster can come in handy.

Insurance companies seek to maximize their profit, as in any other activity. For this reason, they will try to improve their profitability by investing their efforts in minimizing the costs of repair or replacement in the event of an eventuality. Therefore, when faced with a claim by a client, they will send an agent who works for the company. This person is not on your side, but rather defends the interests of the insurance company.

For this reason, you are at a disadvantage against the company, since you do not have a qualified person to defend your interests. Therefore, knowing that you are a public adjuster allows you to hire that person to stand on your side in the claim. It is your right as a consumer to have the best advice and nothing better than a group of people with experience and professionalism to carry out the case.

What does a public adjuster do

To know what a public adjuster is, it is necessary to indicate what they are in charge of, what their main tasks are in the event of a claim. In general, you should know that this person is your main ally in this eventuality. He will serve as your adviser, give you advice and help you carry out your case successfully.

One of the main tasks of the public adjuster is to assess the cost of property damage. When filing a claim, it is common for the insurance company to do their own assessment, but it may not include all of the costs. This is so because the company seeks to improve its profit margins in every possible aspect. It doesn’t always happen, as some companies are better behaved than others, but it is common practice. In many cases, some damages will not be accounted for and others will be done but for less than real amounts. Therefore, performing your own evaluation allows you to correct these distortions introduced by the insurance company.

But this does not exhaust all the qualities of what a public adjuster is. They will also be in charge of evaluating your policy, in order to verify which damages are covered by your insurance and which are not. This is essential at the time of filing the claim, since it is usually one of the main reasons why companies reject them.

Finally, the public adjuster will be in charge of compiling all the necessary information and papers required to make the claim. This step is also very important so that the process reaches a successful conclusion and is done in the fastest and most efficient way.

The benefits of knowing what is a public adjuster

For all of the above, knowing what is a public adjuster represents a huge benefit for consumers. A professional with years of experience and knowledge can help you with all types of insurance company claims. Damage due to fire, water, hurricanes or storms, floods, theft or vandalism, among many other possible cases. The benefits of having a public adjuster are usually many.

First of all, one of the most important issues is always money.  Knowing that he is a public adjuster and having his services, you will ensure that you receive the best possible compensation. If it is personal property, this will allow you to make the necessary repairs and not affect your quality of life. If, on the other hand, it is a business or company, the compensation will allow you to remain solvent and in the career while you stop receiving the normal income of the business. In addition, of course, to cover the repair costs that are usually quite high.

Secondly, you won’t have to deal with bureaucratic issues like preparing and submitting paperwork. In a stressful time as it is during these unforeseen events, mental relief can be essential. In addition, leaving it in the hands of a professional will ensure the correct presentation of all the papers, something that is often difficult for private individuals. This will greatly speed up processing times, and will make the result the most convenient for your position.

Know what a public adjuster is and who to hire

It’s not just about knowing what a public adjuster is, it’s also about knowing their job so you know who to hire. When looking for a professional, make sure that it is enabled for this function by local authorities. This is the minimum that you can demand when hiring him, but it is not the only thing.

It is also important to have references, to know how the public adjuster works. As in all aspects of life, there are always people who can disappoint or betray your trust. Remember that the public adjuster must represent and defend your interests against a large insurance company, which has a team of professionals. For this reason, it is important that you hire a professional whom you can trust and delegate your representation, knowing that they will best defend your position against the claim.

Ultimately, it’s the experience that counts. Hiring a professional who is a public adjuster with many years in the market will give you the security of being well represented. At Alconero and Associates, Public Adjusters Miami we have a track record that supports our work. Your case will not be the first we handle, so we will be able to respond in the best way and obtain the best result in the claim. No matter what event happens to you, we can advise you and provide you with the best service as public adjusters.