can a water leak cause foundation problems
19 Jul

Caring for the value of a property is one of the main concerns of its owners. For this, there are many services provided by insurance companies, which allow you to protect yourself against an eventuality. Beyond that, any owner will try to protect his property so as not to be faced with the need to collect insurance. In this sense, a very frequent question arises among consumers. Can a water leak cause foundation problems? To answer this and other questions, we have prepared this complete article.

As a preview, we can say that the answer is yes. Water is a considerably damaging element for any property if the problems are not solved in time. In the worst case, the damage caused by the water can reach the foundations of the building, making the solution to the problem much more complex.

Why might a water leak cause foundation problems?

When water seeps onto property, it can cause many different damages. Without a doubt, foundation problems are among the most serious that can happen to your building. Even if the situation is not completely resolved, it is possible that the construction will end up collapsing. Therefore, it is extremely important to take all precautionary and solution measures if this happens. No matter how small, a water leak can cause problems in the foundation.

Water acts by degrading materials, modifying their composition and reducing their durability. Water leaks can come from multiple sources. It can be due to rains, strong storms, floods, overflows or simply broken pipes. If it is not noticed in time, a water leak can cause problems in the foundation of the property.

What other problems does water cause on my property?

It can also happen that the filtered water does not reach the foundation of the house. This doesn’t mean that we are completely safe from other problems. Leaks can cause many different issues, so it’s important to fix leaks before things get worse.

While a water leak can cause problems in your foundation, other problems like mold and mildew can also appear. These tend to thrive in cool, damp parts of the house and cause serious problems. They can cause breathing difficulties, nasal or eye irritation, and allergies or asthma. It spreads very easily throughout the house, so it is essential to contain it as soon as possible. Through the smell its presence can be identified, and it is even visible on the walls, floors and ceilings through dark spots.

This is not the only problem of humidity in the house. A water leak can also cause damage to furniture and appliances for a value that is difficult to calculate. Carpets and wood floors also suffer from water damage, so they need to be replaced when a leak reaches them. All of this can lead to a large repair cost, plus a water leak can cause foundation problems.

If a water leak can cause problems in the foundation, what can I do?

Before any recommendation regarding a water problem, the best advice is prevention. Therefore, the first thing you should do is have insurance that covers water damage. They are very common today and most companies offer them. To be protected, it is an excellent idea to hire one of these services.

There are some recommendations that can be followed in case of facing a problem with water in the home. First of all, it is important to emphasize that you have to act quickly. Time is a determining factor for the damage that water can do to your home. If not acted on quickly, a water leak can cause problems in the foundation or in other parts of the house. Therefore, the first recommendation is to be aware of the appearance of moisture or water.

Secondly, the best thing to do in cases like this is to call in professionals to help you. Both at the moment when you notice the problem, and in the days after, having the advice of professionals is essential. Repairs can be very expensive, but they are still necessary. You can’t save on home security. That is why having insurance is extremely useful, since a water leak can cause problems in the foundations and put the integrity of your home at risk.

How can a public adjuster help me with this problem?

Now, having insurance doesn’t magically solve all problems. In many cases, companies do not respond in the best way to these emergencies. As is logical in any negotiation, the insurance company will try to minimize costs, and therefore pay you less for repairs. This can happen either if you refuse to fully or partially cover some costs, or if the company’s valuation is for less than the real amount. It can cause problems in the foundation and the insurance company will not take care of the expense.

A public adjuster is your best ally in these cases. This professional will be in charge of ensuring his interests in the insurance claim. It is important that you call him, even before the insurance company itself. The adjuster will advise on the best decisions, do an assessment of the damage to know exactly how much the repair will cost, and gather all the necessary documents to make the claim. He will be his representative before the insurance company, since he has the same knowledge and experience as the insurer’s employees. Knowing that a water leak can cause foundation problems, it is essential that you act as soon as possible and call your trusted Miami Public Adjuster, such as Alconero And Associates.