how to file an insurance claim for fire damage
07 Jul

Fire damage insurance is one of the most common types of insurance that can be purchased for a property. In this way, you are protected against the partial or total loss of the property, as well as some personal effects inside the home. However, not all insurance is the same and does not cover the same damages. That’s why just as important as filing a fire damage insurance claim is knowing what your property’s insurance covers.

Having insurance for your home is a wise decision, since it will allow you to be protected against any eventuality. Fire damage insurance is very important, since fire is extremely damaging to any property. However, in many cases the insurance company will find a way to minimize the cost or directly not bear the expenses. That is why it is essential to know how to file a fire damage insurance claim. But before we get to that, we must take into account other equally important considerations.

What can cause a fire in my house?

A fire can start anywhere in the house, even where you least expect it, and at any time. Even if the necessary precautions are taken, accidents do happen. Therefore, having information is always useful to be able to act accordingly.

One of the main sources of fire is the kitchen. When using fire for cooking, it is common to forget a pot or pan, and that ends up triggering a fire. It is essential to be attentive when cooking, if possible without performing any other task simultaneously so that the accident does not occur. Otherwise, you will be in the trouble of filing a fire damage insurance claim.

Faulty heating systems and furnaces are also problematic and can be the cause of the fire. In general, any appliance that doesn’t work properly is potentially dangerous. A short circuit can generate the spark that starts the fire anywhere in the house and at any time.

In addition, the human factor is also among the main causes. Smoking anywhere in the house is dangerous, especially in the bedroom. Also lighting candles or any other use of fire represents a threat if it is not done responsibly. Just as important as filing a fire damage insurance claim is the prevention that can be done. That’s why we offer some tips below.

How can I prevent a fire in my home?

In order to prevent damage and, above all, take care of your family’s health, it is best to be prepared. Properly install smoke detectors throughout your home, and remember to test them regularly. This is essential since, in case they fail, they can give a false sense of security. Also place fire extinguishers at various accessible points, to have a potential firefighting tool within easy reach. Mainly, near the kitchen it is necessary to have this element.

Because the kitchen is a critical area for fire prevention, pay special attention to what goes on there. Remember to clean your oven and stove regularly to prevent stuck or forgotten food from burning by mistake. Keep an eye on the fire at all times during cooking to avoid accidents. 

Properly maintain heating systems and clean air filters to prevent equipment malfunctions. If you have a space heater, avoid placing it near anything that could be flammable. Pay attention to your clothes dryer and clean the filters before each use, according to the specifications of the equipment. Check that there are no clothes stuck or lint in any gaps. Also check the wiring of all household appliances, especially those that are several years old.

If you’re a smoker, try placing ashtrays where you smoke in the house to help you smoke safely. That is, away from flammable objects and on stable surfaces to avoid falls. Pay attention when putting out cigarettes to make sure they are not lit. This way you will avoid more of a headache, like filing an insurance claim for fire damage.

How to fill out a fire damage insurance claim: what does my insurance cover?

In the event that a fire breaks out in your home, having fire damage insurance can be a huge help. But, in any case, this does not mean that everything is solved. In addition to the various steps you have to take, such as filing an insurance claim for fire damage, you also need to make sure that the company covers the expenses. In many cases, it may be partially or completely denied, depending on various factors.

It is common that the insurance policy does not cover some elements of the house or doesn’t do so completely. For example, furniture and appliances are usually included, but it is still good to make sure of it. Other valuable items, such as cash, jewelry, or art, should be included in the policy. Otherwise, there will not be many options to claim for them in case they are damaged during the fire. It is always important to carefully review the policy to verify which elements are covered and which are not.

Another common problem is when the insurer doesn’t want to cover the costs due to the cause of the fire. It could be an electrical fault, a kitchen accident, a mishandling of the fire or an explosion of the gas supply. But it could also happen that it is due to natural causes, such as a forest fire or lightning. Or by military actions or acts of vandalism. Knowing how to file a fire damage insurance claim is important, but so is knowing what causes are covered by insurance.

How to file a fire damage insurance claim?

Even when you verify that insurance should cover the costs caused by the fire, some companies may refuse to pay or try to minimize the damage. This is logical, if one thinks that the insurance company seeks to maximize its profitability. For example, it could cover damage caused by fire, but reject damage caused by the water used to put it out. These types of maneuvers are common, and you find yourself in inferior conditions compared to the company.

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