09 Mar

Fire damage in Miami homes is dangerous. It has both claimed millions of households and lives. But as dangerous as it may seem, there are major causes that, when carefully observed and prevented, can mitigate potential fire damage. This article aims to discuss the major causes of fire damage in Miami and how we can prevent it. 

Faulty Wiring causes serious fires in your Miami home

When talking about fire damage, most people will not consider wiring as a potential problem. Considering that most people’s attention when talking about fire safety hinges on an uncontrolled or unattended fire, faulty wiring is arguably one of the most dangerous fire hazards a person can have on their property because you might be one switch away from a fire disaster, loss of property, or worse, loss of life. Luckily, knowing that most of the major electric wires in our property are embedded in walls, there are certain signs we can look at that can assist us in knowing if there will be fire damage simply waiting to break out. Instances like this: frequently having a blown fuse, you can only use one appliance at a time, or if your lights dim when you’re using other appliances. These are signs you can look for before it’s too late.

Cooking is one of the leading causes of house fires in Miami

A while ago, we talked about one of the most unnoticeable causes of fire damage in Miami. Now let’s talk about one of the leading causes of house fires. A survey conducted by the National Fire Protection Association reveals that from 2015 to 2019, cooking is still by far the leading cause of fire damage, particularly in home fires, accounting for 42% of the reported incidents in the United States. This huge percentage should alarm most of us. The kitchen, as we know it, contains a vast number of flammable hazards that should not be left unsupervised or unattended. Ovens and stoves must never be left unattended. Remember, an unattended fire is a dangerous fire. Fires caused by these appliances are both dangerous and hard to extinguish. Precautionary measures, such as not leaving your cooktop or range unattended when cooking and cleaning off spilled grease as soon as possible, can help minimize potential fire damage in Miami.

Flammable Materials should be handled with care to avoid fire damage

There is really a wide range of materials that have the potential to either ignite or explode. These materials, such as gasoline or petrol, when placed in the wrong area near paper and other highly combustible materials, can really catch fire and be your next recipe for disaster. Proper placement of these materials can truly make a difference. Considering the information placed in the description of each material can give us an idea of how we can properly place this material to both preserve its shelf life and prevent fire damage. 

It’s not totally avoidable

Even though prevention is better than cure, we should accept that we really cannot eliminate potential fire causes. This brings us to the question of what we can do so that we can be prepared in the aftermath of this fire damage. Well, a good place to start is with having an insurance policy and making sure you have a good one. In the event of fire damage, it is really normal to feel dread and disappointment during this period. During this period, we will have a lot on our hands, and hiring a public adjuster in Miami to aid us in these moments can really make a difference. Hiring a public adjuster means hiring a helping hand, as they are your representative in placing the damage claim. The benefit of having a public adjuster instead of doing it yourself is that a public adjuster’s field of expertise revolves around making the most of a damage claim. Alongside it is the idea that there are a substantial number of things we should do in order to have a successful damage claim, such as compiling the right document and proper estimation of the said damage. This can be daunting for someone that has recently experienced a fatal catastrophe in their life while doing this for the first time. You can eliminate this inconvenience and be assured that you will not miss out on any important details that could make you ineligible for the fire damage insurance claim while making the most of your damage claim by having a public adjuster.