Alconero and Associates - Tips to prevent mold damage in your Miami home
27 Jan

Molds are silent but deadly. At first, they may seem unharmful, but given the right temperature and enough time, this latent organism can be your next home destroyer. When active, this slimy and a bit fuzzy fungus, typically orange, green, or black in color, tends to attack your food, furniture, documents, photographs, and other important belongings. For documents and furniture, molds tend to excrete damaging enzymes that cause these objects to experience weakening, smell, and eventually decomposition. This is not good news for any homeowner. Are you now concerned about these harmful fungi? Don’t worry because, in this article, we will try to look at ways to prevent mold from damaging your home.

To avoid mold damage, identify mold-prone areas in your home.

Identifying the mold-prone areas can be a game-changer. The bad news is that, despite all our efforts, we really cannot mold-proof our homes in hopes of preventing mold damage in Miami. The good news is that we can make our property mold-resistant. Mold resistance means realizing mold will always be there but preventing mold damage from happening. Identifying key areas where mold can easily grow and spread is important. To do this, we should be able to identify how molds grow. Molds, like any other organism, grow in their ideal environment. A key idea to remember is that molds’ ideal environment is an environment that has a lot of moisture. This means that areas that may be ideal for mold to grow are damp areas like flooded basements, carpets, or old newspapers left wet. This can be easily remedied by simply drying these areas and objects. Some require major repairs. Areas that leak may require repair or excavation. Identifying and repairing these areas can save you a lot of money in the future.

Proper ventilation can help to keep moisture at bay and prevent mold damage.

Mold damage is when mold becomes uncontrolled and has successfully weakened or degraded an area or object. To prevent mold damage in Miami, identifying the areas that are moist and dry is one thing, but there are key domestic areas in your house that are the ones that are the breathing grounds for mold. Activities done in the kitchen, like cooking or boiling, are oftentimes the places where spores germinate and grow more mold. Another area is the laundry area and the shower room. These areas and the objects and furniture in them always invite mold too. As inevitable as it is, we cannot do away with the fact that areas such as these are really damp and moist and are very vulnerable to mold damage. But precautions such as ventilating these locations can effectively alleviate mold germination. Using AC units and humidifiers can really help, especially during humid seasons. But if mold persists, isolate mold-prone objects by sealing or putting them in plastic. This can also help.

When the inevitable happens, call your public adjuster.

As Murphy’s law states, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” With this in mind, it’s really important to have an insurance policy covering potential mold damage in your Miami home. Mold damage, though not as likely as other accidents, still has the potential to happen, and having an insurance company to help you out is something that can give you and your beloved property security and peace of mind. When the said disaster happens, consider using the services of a public adjuster. Having the service of a public adjuster when filing a mold-damage insurance claim provides us with two vital benefits. First, they are experts who represent your best interests in the insurance process. The insurance claim process necessitates both immediate and meticulously documented actions. This requires time and attention that, when you do it by yourself, will be taken away from your day-to-day commitments. This tiresome endeavor can be prevented when you have a public adjuster. Besides the amount of time saved and their representation on your behalf, another benefit of having a public adjuster is their expertise. Keep in mind that what puts food on their tables is their success in representing and maximizing the insurance claims of their clients. You can rest assured that they do have the expertise and experience to handle the insurance claim for you.