Alconero and Associates - Water damage in Miami: How to file an insurance claim
14 Jan

Water damage in Miami is unpredictable and frustrating. Usually, it affects a large portion of the property it damages. The good news is that you have an insurance policy. The question is, How can you use it? What are the steps you should take to file and have a successful claim? This article aims to discuss how to successfully file an insurance claim.

How To Make a Successful Water Damage Insurance Claim in Miami 

The first thing you must do when there happens to be water damage in Miami is to review your insurance policy. To know your water damage coverage, you can consider looking at the Declaration page. Next is to take a substantial number of photos and videos, as it will be important for your water damage claim to be approved. Another thing to note is that your insurance provider will be gathering important information such as where and when the water damage happened, the contact information of the owner of the property, and other important information. After preparing the important information and documents, you can now proceed to your insurer and place a water damage claim. After filing the damage, the “field scoping” will happen. Field scoping is an inspection process done by the adjuster in Miami to determine the extent of water damage your property has sustained and what needs to be repaired and replaced. At this point, remediations such as fans that can provide drying for the structure will be something you can expect to be suggested by your adjuster. 

What Happens After Filing an Insurance Claim for water damage in Miami? 

This is where you will come to a crossroads as adjusters determine the result of the whole claim process. For starters, there are 3 types of adjusters in Miami. Their difference is associated with who they represent, which places a significant difference on repair estimates and whether you will be able to maximize your claim or not.

The first of the 3 types of adjusters is the insurance company adjuster. They are hired and paid by the insurer, not the homeowner. An important thing to note is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be treated unfairly. Yet, it is important to keep in mind who a company adjuster represents and whose advantage they lean towards.

The second is the independent insurance adjuster. Unlike the insurance company adjusters, they do not specifically work for the insurance company but are simply hired for a certain project by the insurance company. This means they work for several insurance agencies. Though they are not employed by the insurance agency, they are hired on behalf of the insurer. And like the insurance company adjuster, they have the insurance agency’s advantage in mind.

Lastly, there is the public adjuster in Miami. Unlike the first 2 kinds of adjusters, they are hired by the claimant. Handling the loss of a property is not a walk in the park. Aside from the water damage claim that you need to process, the emotional toll from losing a loved one or your property is a lot for a person to handle. That is where a public adjuster in Miami is of great help. Apart from the great advantage of aiding you in filing the necessary documents, like an itemized estimate of the damage, that can help you assess the full scale of repair that your property needs and what your policy can accomplish, unlike the first two, every public adjuster in Miami is incentivized and paid by the amount of claim you will be able to get from your insurer. They are adjusters with you in mind.

What to do if your insurance claim for water damage in Miami is denied?

There are instances when your insurance claim will be denied after filing the said claim. This may be caused by two reasons. If the claim was refused, there is a great chance that it was due to your declining this coverage in the first place upon purchasing your insurance for your property in Miami, or that this particular coverage was not available to you.

Another factor that could be the cause of your water damage claim in Miami being denied is maintenance concerns. This means inappropriate or lack of maintenance was exercised that resulted in your property in Miami experiencing water damage. This is another benefit of hiring a public adjuster in Miami. Public adjusters in Miami can look at and review your coverage and the property for you. Your public adjuster in Miami can file an appeal to the denial or reopen the claim. This gives you the benefit of representation and a second opinion on this matter.