How long does an insurance claim take to prosper?
17 Aug

When they have an accident that affects their health or can damage property, people want their insurance to respond quickly. In this way, it is possible to pay for medical expenses or damage repair without doing it out of pocket. But unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get a quick insurance claim collection. Or, many times prioritizing speed loses sight of other features of the deal. In this article we are going to answer how long an insurance claim takes and all the complications that can happen along the way.

There are many factors that can delay the collection of an insurance claim. From the time it takes to make the claim, company delays or legal issues can cause times to be extended. In addition, the characteristics of the insurance and the accident are not the same in all cases, and that makes the time very variable between one and the other. Finally, each state has its own legislation. Although they follow the same federal criteria everywhere, there may be differences that do not apply to all states. In Miami we abide by the state laws of Florida, which have their own characteristics.

How long does an insurance claim take: steps to follow

The most important thing to achieve a fast and successful insurance claim is to pay the necessary attention to the steps that we must take. Most of the delays are due to delays or errors that the victims themselves make after the incident. That is why it is important to know how the insurance mechanisms work, to carry out the procedures quickly. So the first step would really be to get the right advice to take the case forward. In Alconero & Associates we have the experience and technical knowledge to make your insurance claim a simple and fast process.

To speed up how long an insurance claim takes, it is important to notify the company as soon as possible. After contacting a public adjuster, the next step should be a call to the insurer to start the claim for the incident. From there, the internal process of the company will begin. This can be very different depending on the insurance company, the coverage of your policy and the type of accident you have suffered. In general, some type of supporting documentation of the case will be requested, which can be very diverse.

For example, in the case of personal injuries, medical documents that certify those injuries must be presented. There must be the medical evaluation carried out by a licensed professional, and proof of the cost of all treatments, interventions, medications, etc. that you have received. On the other hand, if what is claimed is damage to a property, the documentation must include an accurate estimate of the cost of the repairs, made by a contractor. It is also likely that you will be asked for some supporting documentation as to the cause of the incident. For example, in the event of theft or vandalism, you may be asked to file a police report to verify that it is this type of incident.

In general, customers are requested to make a claim within 7 days of the occurrence of the loss. This allows the insurer to start work as soon as possible and provide a faster response. From this moment on, some variables of the case may translate into a greater or lesser delay.

How long an insurance claim takes depends on the complexity of the case

In order to give a more accurate idea of ​​how long an insurance claim takes, it should be mentioned that everything depends on the characteristics of the incident. For example, it is normal for a case with minor injuries to be closed quickly, since it does not take long for the parties to agree. However, a serious injury case can take much longer. The victim can request an amount in the claim that covers not only present expenses but also future ones, in the event of a permanent injury. In that case, the insurance company will want to get more information to make sure the injuries are true.

In addition to this, the complexity of the accident must also be taken into account. Assessing fault, whether in a personal injury or property damage case, can be more difficult than it seems. In many cases, insurance policies offer some coverage depending on the liability of the insured. Therefore, establishing what the incident was like and who was to blame can be decisive.

Then, it is also necessary to consider the negotiation period between the parties to know how long an insurance claim takes. During this time, both the company and the insured seek to agree on the amount of compensation. This can be relatively quick or take several steps. Many times, the client prefers to speed up the process, even when the agreement is not what his case really deserves. Companies can take advantage of this situation and offer lower amounts than those that correspond. Therefore, it is essential to have efficient and serious advice, to represent the interests of the victim.

Professional advice to collect your insurance claim as soon as possible

Insurance companies are usually not easy to deal with. Like any company, they seek to make as much profit as possible, and in that process, claims represent a cost that they seek to reduce. For this reason, they use all kinds of strategies to reduce the amounts and stretch the terms of how long an insurance claim takes. The best thing the insured can do is to contact a public adjuster in Miami with the experience and commitment of Alconero & Associates. Our professionals will collaborate throughout the claim process, from start to finish. From the analysis of the policy to determine the coverage, the advice on the best strategy and the presentation of the case in front of the company. We will achieve the best possible deal in the shortest time, defending your interests at all times.