Who pays a Public Adjuster in Miami
04 Aug

When we suffer damage to our property, for whatever reason, we appreciate having insurance coverage that will take care of the costs. In this way, we can pay large sums of money that we will have to use for repairs. But it often happens that insurance claims are not as simple as they should be. There are many obstacles or complications that can occur. Even the insurance company itself can try to hinder the process to pay less or, directly, pay nothing. For this reason, public adjusters are essential allies in an insurance claim. When asked who pays a public adjuster, some other questions arise that we are going to answer.

In Miami many insurance claims are made for different reasons. In many cases, the climatic conditions of the city generate certain damages or problems in the properties that merit an insurance repair. From tropical storms or hurricanes, or even the mere presence of moisture can be a valid reason. There are also claims for reasons not related to the weather, such as fires, water leaks or theft. In either case, the insurance claim process can be more complex than expected. And that is where the presence of a public adjuster can save us from several headaches.

What does a public adjuster do

First, a public adjuster is distinguished from a company or even independent adjuster. The company adjuster is an employee, and therefore defends the interests of his employer. During the claim process, you may appear to side with him, but he cannot be blindly trusted as he has other motivations that coincide with yours. An independent adjuster generally works for the company when the company does not have enough employees. Ultimately, both are subordinated to the interests of the insurer. Instead, a public adjuster is paid by you, and therefore works to defend you.

The public adjuster fills several roles during the claims process. In general, he is a representative of the insured in the negotiation with the company. You will work to get the best possible deal for your client, that is you. He has a state license that allows him to carry out his work. In addition, the most recognized public adjusters such as Alconero & Associates have extensive experience and experience in similar cases that supports them. References from your public adjuster are a sign that can give you confidence when hiring them.

Specifically, there are several tasks a public adjuster can perform to assist you with your claim. First of all, it can be very useful when interpreting the insurance policy to know exactly what your coverage is. This can be more complex than it seems, since the insurance documents have a huge number of clauses and technical language that can be difficult to decipher. An experienced public adjuster has extensive knowledge of each of these conditions and technicalities, so you will have no problem determining your insurance coverage.

Then comes perhaps the most important part of the job: the damage assessment. Who pays a public adjuster expects that their interests are represented in the best way. This means getting the most compensation possible from the insurance company. As we have seen, company adjusters will try to reduce payments or even deny them in order to save your employer several dollars. That’s why a complete and accurate damage assessment by a public adjuster is essential when making a claim. The public adjuster is likely to be able to recognize damage that even you may be unaware of, even if it is to your own home. This is because, many times, in addition to the visible damage, there are others that remain hidden for a time but that can have important consequences in the future.

Finally, the insurance adjuster will also handle the claim. That is, he will be in charge of making one or several presentations in front of the company, and negotiating with the employees the best deal for the insured. This is important since a poorly formulated presentation can have negative consequences in the resolution.

Who pays a public adjuster: do I need one?

If the person who pays a public adjuster is the insured, then the question arises as to whether it is necessary to hire one. There is no legal obligation to hire him in the city of Miami. But the main point is what you hope to get out of the claim and how the insurance company will respond. It is evident that any client expects to obtain the best response when he hires a service. In this case, this means a full compensation of the expenses that have been generated by the damages of an event that is covered in the policy. Now, the company can act honestly and offer fair compensation. But it could also be that it doesn’t. So, having a public adjuster becomes a necessity.

Having a public adjuster is recommended in practically all cases. You will always act in the most favorable way to the client, and this will allow you to obtain the best deal. Even if the company is acting in good faith, it is possible that some costs are being overlooked that the public adjuster will know to consider.

Who pays a public adjuster is relative

All this leaves us with a somewhat different conclusion than we expected. It is true that, technically, who pays a public adjuster is the client who hires him, the insured. But it is no less true that the money to pay the public adjuster will come from the insurance claim. Also, if an experienced and trusted Miami Public Adjuster like Alconero & Associates allows us to get a better deal, so it pretty much pays for itself. In short, the work of the public adjuster is in favor of the client and his payment will arise from the resulting deal with the insurance company.