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25 Nov

Vandalism/theft in Miami Beach and other related senseless property damage can occur in your home every time, even when you have tight security measures in place. Theft from your real estate may be from people you know or from thieves who take advantage of some random opportunity. What exactly are vandalism and theft?

What is vandalism?

According to the FBI, vandalism is an act where someone voluntarily destroys any public or private property without the consent of the owner knowing through tearing up, painting, breaking, drawing, cutting, and any other means that is specified in the law. Any attempt is included under vandalism.

Furthermore, it is a broad category of crime. It constitutes the following: scratching paint, purposely spraying paint to other’s property, or keying an individual’s car, breaking the window, graffiti, knocking down streets, and breaking windows, to name some.

What is theft?

On the other hand, theft or larceny is an act where someone takes, carry, lead, or ride away someone else’s property without their permission, which also includes attempted larcenies. However, embezzlement, confident games, check frauds, forgot, etc. are excluded.

What to do next?

 As vandalism/theft damage in Miami Beach becomes very rampant, public adjusters already have filed insurance claims on policyholders and homeowners over the years, which results in them to get the maximum and right settlements for their claims from their respective insurance carriers. Here are some things you can do when your home suffers vandalism/theft damage in Miami Beach.

  1. Call the right authorities and report what had happened. This will help you trace the persons involved in the vandalism/thief damage as soon as possible.
  2. Make sure that you explicitly tell all the details as much as you can, and as well as things that were stolen. Best if you can keep a list of the things that were missing for yourself.
  3. Immediately inform your insurance company about the home invasion and tell them that you want to file a claim on the damages or the items that have been stolen.
  4. Your insurance company will then check the accuracy of the vandalism/theft damage in your home from the police report.
  5. Make sure to keep any documentation that includes any of the following: pictures, receipts, documentation, credit card settlements for all damaged or stolen items. Your insurance carrier will then ask you to present this documentation for you to claim your insurance settlement faster and efficiently.
  6. If your real estate has been vandalized, your home insurance should be able to give you coverage for any broken doors, window, or any passageways, even if the damages are inside your home. If possible, take photo documentation on the damages and send it to your insurance company for proofs.
  7. Eventually, the insurance company will give you an estimate of the value of all items that were stolen.

How can public adjusters Miami Beach help you?

 In case you are not satisfied with the settlement and believe that your personal belongings are worth more in value, then call one of the public adjusters Miami Beach today to further assist you in your insurance claim settlement.

Public adjusters Miami Beach are experts in filing and investigating any damages in your home to your insurance company for maximum settlement claim, specifically theft/vandalism damage, ensuring that you get the settlement you deserve. It can be quite a challenge assigning values to all items that were stolen or damaged brought by vandalism and to make sure you are completing all the required forms and documents.

Public adjusters Miami Beach can complete all your claims documents and necessary paper works and manage your entire insurance claim process or step in when you want help with regards on vandalism/theft damage in Miami Beach. We guarantee that you feel secure on all claim documentation is complete, your loss estimate is accurate and substantiated, and that you are fully represented in the settlement talks with your insurance company.


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