What does a public adjuster do in vandalism and theft cases in Miami?
22 Sep

Situations of theft or vandalism are common in Miami and can be a serious problem. When suffering an event like these, people can feel insecure in their own home. To deal with these situations, many decide to take out insurance for their home and be covered in the event of an eventuality. However, insurance companies do not always respond as expected and additional problems are created. So, having a recognized and reliable public adjuster can be very useful. But what does a public adjuster do in cases of vandalism and theft? In this blog post we will answer this and other questions.

What does a public adjuster do in cases of vandalism and theft

It would be logical to expect that, in the event of theft or vandalism in the home, the insurance would cover all the expenses for damage or theft. However, this does not always happen. Insurance companies have as their main objective to obtain the highest possible profit. To do this, they seek to reduce their costs as much as possible, and this means paying less to their clients’ claims, even in cases where a higher compensation is due. This is one of the main reasons a public adjuster may be necessary. By knowing the regulations and laws in detail, professionals can deal with the strategies of insurance companies to achieve the best possible deal.

Theft and vandalism claims are not as simple as you might think. A faulty or incomplete submission may be reason enough for it to be rejected. In addition, in many cases this will be the reason why the amount of compensation will be less than expected. It should be noted that not only material costs and expenses must be taken into account, but also the emotional or psychological damage that suffering from insecurity in one’s home represents. They can even cause health problems, nerves, insomnia or panic attacks.

Among the most common damages that can occur are the theft of valuables. Cash, jewelry, and electronics are the most common possessions stolen from homes. Doors or windows are also frequently broken, as well as interior objects when assailants search for valuables. In cases of vandalism, objects thrown against walls or windows can cause breakage. Also the spray paint used to write on the walls represents an expense that must be faced. Knowing what a public adjuster does in cases of vandalism and theft can make all the difference right now.

A public adjuster in Miami will be your main ally in the insurance claim process. It is even recommended that you call him at the very moment of discovering that your home has been violated. Thus, he will be present throughout the process, including the fundamental moment of damage assessment. To be able to calculate exactly what the expenses are, some knowledge and experience in similar cases is needed. In addition, it is important to consider the clauses of the insurance policy, to ensure that you are covered in certain cases. This can often be complex, since technical language makes it difficult to understand. A reliable public adjuster will be able to determine insurance coverage and make a cost assessment that includes all damages caused to obtain the best compensation.

The best option on what a public adjuster does in cases of vandalism and theft

In addition to all of the above, a knowledgeable and experienced public adjuster will be helpful in making your insurance filing. In other words, it is not enough to know the coverage and evaluate the costs, it is also necessary to present the documentation completely and accurately. This can make the difference between a successful claim and a failed one.

When you think about what a public adjuster does in cases of vandalism and theft, think of Alconero & Associates we have extensive experience in similar cases in Miami. This means that we can help you to make a complete and detailed insurance claim, to obtain the best compensation in the shortest possible time. Do not hesitate to contact us.