Water Damage: What Does Mold Need to Grow?
11 Aug

In the city of Miami, it’s very common to hear people complain about mold problems. How it affects your home, your job and your health is often a common comment. Also when it comes to insurance claims, it is usually one of the most common reasons. However, many people don’t know exactly what mold is and what it needs to grow in your home. In this guide you will find all the answers to be able to identify and solve this annoying problem.

What is mold and how does it affect my home

First of all, we need to understand what we are talking about when we refer to mold. These are microscopic fungi that spread easily through the air and live on organic matter found in the environment. Its main function in nature is to help break down dead matter and reuse nutrients. They are found practically everywhere, growing in the soil, in food, or on animal or plant matter. It reproduces through spores that fly through the air, or are transported through water or attached to insects. From its propagation, a spore can start the growth of the fungus.

So far, nothing to worry about. It is simply one more organism of the fungi kingdom. However, the problem begins when this fungus begins to develop inside our home. Mold can cause various damage to the walls, ceilings or floors of the house. As the fungus grows, it creates dirt on them and can ruin both the appearance and integrity of the property. In addition, elements inside the house, such as furniture and appliances, can also be damaged by the presence of mold.

However, the main problem of not neutralizing what mold needs to grow, corresponds to the health of the inhabitants of the house. The presence of mold is concentrated in some parts, but it spreads through the air throughout the house. By breathing the spores, people can suffer from different conditions, from a simple allergy to respiratory problems. Irritation of the eyes, throat or nose are the main symptoms of mold inhalation. Even dead spores can cause this type of problem, so removing them correctly is essential.

The main victims of this inconvenience are the children. Early exposure to mold and other fungi can cause breathing difficulties. The chances of suffering from asthma increase and get worse over time. People with a history of respiratory system problems and others with a depressed immune system are also especially affected. In any case, it is important to act accordingly to solve the mold problem as soon as possible.

What does mold need to grow and become a problem

Knowing what mold needs to grow is a critical step in eliminating the problem, or preventing it before it starts. The main requirement for mold growth is moisture. Spores develop rapidly in moist places, especially if they are made of cellulose. However, it is important to note that mold can survive even if the source of moisture has been removed. It will do this by feeding on different materials such as wood, plaster or ceiling tiles. Even carpets, paint, stickers, or fabrics can serve as food.

That is, for a mold problem to start, moisture is needed. And the main source of humidity inside a house is water leaks. Therefore, it is essential to have adequate protection against this problem. It is very common for insurance companies to take care of fixing the leak, but not the possible damage caused by mold. Once the leak is solved, the insurer considers the case closed and there is no possibility of claiming in the future. Therefore, having an experienced public adjuster, such as Alconero & Associates, will allow you to get a deal from the company that includes all water damage, including mold.

It’s also worth noting that the moisture mold needs to grow can come from other sources. A flood, for example, can be the root cause of a mold problem. Water leaks from the roof can also be the starting point of this inconvenience. In general, the mold problem begins long before it is noticed. The growth of the spores is immediate, the moment they land on a suitable surface. Colonization, ie reproduction, will begin after a few days. Once airborne, spores are difficult to kill, so they can even survive when the source of the mold has been eliminated.

How to fix what mold needs to grow

To solve a mold problem requires the intervention of experts. There are specialized companies that are responsible for the complete elimination of the problem, using specially designed products. Of course, in addition to removing mold, it is necessary to discover and solve the source of moisture that gives the possibility of its development. This may involve remodeling the house, either due to plumbing leaks or roof leaks. Both mold removal and repairing moisture problems cost money, and that’s not a small thing.

To meet the costs of fixing what mold needs to grow, many families choose to have insurance that covers them against these eventualities. However, many companies do not comply at the time of payment, or do so only partially. The advice of a professional and experienced public adjuster in Miami such as Alconero & Associates will allow you to make your insurance claim in the fastest and most correct way. This way you can receive compensation that includes all expenses, including mold removal.