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02 Dec

Recent statistics show that water damage in Miami is regarded as the second most in-demand insurance claim. Water moves fast and can get into a crevice and might destroy everything on its path, especially when it is leaked into your home. Even a simple pipe leak can sometimes hard to control, or it can lead to severe underlying issues afterward.

Some types of water damage can range from mild to severe leaks: water backup or severe backup, accidental or sudden discharge, flood, overflow, and water damage related to a storm.

The biggest water damage issue is that the repair cost is high. Homeowners might not be able to pay for the repair services, and it becomes difficult for them to restore their home to its usual condition. Therefore, you should file an insurance claim as a homeowner if you experience water damage in Miami. Elicit the help of public adjusters for House Fire for you to get the maximum claim settlement for the water damage.

Here are some steps on how to deal with public adjusters for House Fire for water damage claims:

  1. Always document the proofs. Gather relevant proofs of the water damage itself. You can capture some images or record a video if you can. Make sure that they are clear enough to be recognized and should show all the damage that has been done to your house.
    Document properly all furniture, fixtures, and other items that were ravaged by the water damage. Take a print out of all captured images and assure that you include it with your water claim application to make your case stronger. If you cannot show any pieces of evidence, most likely, the chances are that you will not get the insurance claim itself.
  2. Protect your valuable. Once you have noticed the water damage, it is essential if you protect and save all the valuable things that have not been ravaged by the water damage. If you cannot remove the items from the path of water damage, it will negatively affect your insurance claim afterward. This means you will most likely not get the money to replace these items.
    Public adjusters for House Fire might ask you why you didn’t remove the items once you noticed water started to leak. In this scenario, you will not get approval.
  3. Check your policy. One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make while filing for an insurance claim for water damage is they do not check the terms and conditions of the policy itself. It is one of the biggest reasons why most insurance claims are rejected. Public adjusters for House Fire suggest you know the types of water damages that are covered and not covered by the insurance policy. And it is clearly mentioned in the contract.
    Before filing for an insurance claim, it is essential if you check the policy at least once with the guidance of the public adjusters for House Fire. This is to ensure that the water damage will be covered by your policy. Otherwise, you are just wasting money and time filing for the claim.
  4. File for the claim. Once you already managed everything properly and gathered all the important documents, you must file for the claim. You have to ensure that you follow all the instructions given by your public adjuster. In case your insurance carrier is still not ready to provide the coverage you deserve, you can elicit help from public adjusters for House Fire because they can help you a lot with getting most of your insurance policies.

How can public adjusters for House Fire help you?

 Public adjusters for House Fire work to educate homeowners on their insurance policies. On the other hand, insurance claim adjusters work on the side of the insurance company and will only tell you the minimum. Get a free policy review by contacting a public adjuster today!


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