Fire Safety Tips in Miami
10 Feb

It is said that cooking equipment and smoking materials in properties are contributory to fire damage in Miami. There are many home fire safety tips that you can follow to avoid fire damage ravaged your property. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure; hence, Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters for Roof Claim in Miami suggest the top ten fire safety tips to avoid fire damage.

  1. Install fire alarms and check them regularly. Smoke alarms serve as an early system in the event of a fire. Install small alarms, preferably in every level of your property, especially inside bedrooms, outside sleeping areas, and basements. Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters for Roof Claim in Miami highly recommend you to interconnect sound alarms throughout your home so that when one sounds, the others will alarm simultaneously.

You should also test smoke alarms, preferably once a month. Replace their batteries once a year or when the alarm chirps to indicate low battery. For safety and to ensure their effectiveness, replace smoke alarms that are now used for ten years. For complete home protection from fire damage, you should also install residential fire sprinklers in addition to a sound alarm. They can potentially extinguish a fire in less time before the fire department will arrive.

  1. Carefully plan your escape scheme from fire. In the event of a fire, you have to get out quickly. Construct a fire action plan on your property and discuss it with your family and work out in advance to ensure that all people inside the building will be well-aware of the escape route. It is vital to have your entire household practice your escape plan at least twice a year.
  2. Take precautionary measures when cooking and using objects that can cause a fire. It is essential to always stay near cooking to monitor it closely. Stay in the kitchen when you are using fire, like frying, cooking, or boiling foods. Turn off the stove if you opt to leave the kitchen unattended, even for a short time. Keep the cooking area free from combustibles. It is also highly recommended to wear clothes with short and tight-fitting sleeves when you cook.
  3. Be careful when you lit candles and never leave them unattended. When using candles, make sure that you never leave candles unattended. Moreover, secure that no combustible objects like aerosol sprays and pressurized tanks near the lit candle. You should also keep lit candles at least two feet from anything that can burn easily and unlit them when you leave the building or going to sleep.
  4. Observe smokers on your property. Careless smoking is regarded as one of the leading causes of fire damage in Miami. Smoking inside your house could be fatal. To avoid fire, you should avoid smoking inside the property as much as possible. If you are not smoking, ask smokers to smoke outside. Provide a deep, large, and sturdy ashtray for smokers when they opt to smoke inside. Do not smoke near anything that may easily catch fire, such as curtains and other flammable objects.
  5. Keep lighters and matches out of children’s reach. Keep lighters and matches up high and out of reach of children. It is preferable to store them inside a locked cabinet where children can’t see or reach them. Teach kids that lighters and matches are tools used for adults only.
  6. Use electrical appliances responsibly. If electric appliances or sockets smoke suddenly or have an unusual smell, unplug them immediately. One of the main causes of fire damage in Miami is an electrical malfunction caused by cracked or frayed electric cords on appliances. Hence, fix faulty appliances before using them again to avoid fire damage.
  7. Inspect electrical cords properly. Check electrical cords if they are damaged, tangled, cracked, loose connection, and have broken plugs. Replace them if you see such. Avoid plugging in the same electrical plug at the same time to avoid overheating.
  8. Stop where you are, droll to the ground, and roll. If fire damage ravaged your property, do not run, especially when your clothes catch fire. Stop where you are, drop to the surface, cover your face with your hands, and rollover until the flames will exhaust. Cool your body with water and call for immediate help.
  9. Cool a burn area on your skin. When you got burns, run cool water for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Never apply ice, butter, or any greasy substance on the burned area. Consult a doctor immediately if the burned skin charred or blisters.

For concerns regarding fire damage insurance claims, do not hesitate to seek help from Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters for Roof Claim in Miami now! We are glad to share our expertise to help you minimize your insurance claim you deserve.


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