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10 Feb

Your house is a big investment. Hence, it needs to be well-maintained. Your property needs various maintenance tasks each year. Some of them are essential; some cannot be planned. These maintenance tasks are only done once a year, but they are often forgotten. It is highly recommended handling maintenance tasks on New Year, especially those that are done once are year for a fresh start.

Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster Miami Fl provide some ultimate maintenance checklists for getting things done at the start of the year.

Update your disaster and first aid kit

 Every property should have an updated disaster and first aid kit for you to be well-equipped with the necessary tools to be ready for any untoward accidents like fire damage, water damage, or any property damage. Keeping a disaster kit is very important. Store candles, safety matches, non-perishable foods, water, flashlights with extra batteries, and other things you will essentially need in case of unforeseen circumstances.

For the first aid kit, store band aids, bandages, rubbing alcohol, cotton, and over-the-counter medicines.  Check existing kits and restock anything missing and replace those that are already meet their expiry dates and those that were already gone bad.

Clean gutters and roofing

 The gutter controls the flow of rainwater in your residential property. It also protects your roof, sidings, and the foundation of the structure. Clogged gutters can significantly cause roof leak damage that can infiltrate inside, causing further damage like mold damage. .  Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster Miami Fl highly recommend homeowners to clean them at the start of the year for you to check roof damage that needs to be repaired. Depending on how many trees surround your property and hang over your roof, you can also do this twice a year.

Look for chipping paint and signs of peeling

 Paints protect your shingles and roof from water damage, which can cause mold damage in the interior afterward. You should look for signs of chipping and peeling paints on ceilings, walls, and foundations, and make a touch-up or a fresh coat if necessary.

Replace the batteries of your smoke detectors

 According to the National Fire Protection Associations, almost two-thirds of deaths caused by fire damage occur in properties without working smoke detectors. At the start of the year, make it a habit to check and change batteries in your smoke detectors. Changing them in at the start of the year will make you sure that smoke detectors are fully functional.

Check for plumbing systems

Monitor your pipe system if there are parts that need to be repaired. Check under the kitchen sink to make sure there are no signs of water leaks. Look at your ceilings for telltale water stains, which is a sign of roof leak damage. You should also check faucets for drips and as well as a flapper in the toilet tank to make sure it has not worn out. Fix what you can fix.  Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster Miami Fl suggest you call a plumber to fix damaged pipes.

Make an annual check-up on your chimney

The chimney also needs an annual check-up even if you do not use the fireplace regularly. The chimney carries gases from your fireplace that is sometimes dangerous. Make sure that the furnace or wood stove well-maintained to keep the circulation of air inside breathable.  It should be inspected annually, preferably at the start of the year, and should clean periodically depending upon how you use the fireplace.

Take stock of your new valuables

New Year is a great time to stock and update your list of new valuables in your property. The holiday season passes, and you may have bought or received valuable electronics, home appliances, artworks, and jewelry. Take stock this New Year and update existing records of your list of valuables. Contact your insurance company to adjust your homeowner’s insurance if deemed necessary. Having an updated list will make it convenient for you when untoward circumstances happen to your property.

Starting the New Year is a well-maintained property

Starting the New Year is also a convenient time to ensure that your property is in good shape and well-maintained.  It makes it easy to remember when you last did these tasks and sets you up for a fresh and good year ahead. Consequently, you also help prevent property damages and other large issues from arising later by staying on top of home maintenance.

If you have other queries on the ultimate home maintenance tips for the New Year, seek help from Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster Miami Fl now! They can also help you in insurance claim processes for any property damages. We are looking to help you with your property concerns!


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