Public Adjuster Water Damage in Miami
11 Mar

Public Adjuster Water Damage in Miami. Homeowners insurance policies don’t cover floods and might not cover other types of water damage. It is important than you know what to do in case of Water Damage in your Property and if you are experiencing this unfortunate problem, please consider contacting Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters and we will be in your property within the following hours to have an overall Free estimate and will explain all you need to do to file an insurance claim for water damages accordingly.

What to do in Case of Water Damage in Miami in your Property

After water damage, it’s important to stop any type of water flow or leak as soon as possible. Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters has a lot of experience in water damage problems and can eventually assist you getting started to remove pools of water and start drying the area to prevent additional damage. There are a select number of water extraction companies who have worked with our customers in previous cases and have done a very fast and professional job for them.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Once you contract our Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters to file an insurance claim in case of water damage in your property, we will inspect all the property to carry out a thorough inventory of damages, will estimate the monetary value of losses and will document appropriately with photos, videos and a complete checklist all the damages to present to the Insurance company.

We will notify your insurance company as soon as possible in your behalf and will represent you from this moment on with the insurance com-nay throughout all the process to ensure that you are covered and the settlement you will receive is the maximum. Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters will not receive any compensation fee for our work if there is no recovery for your losses.

Our Water Damage in Miami Insurance Claim Process  will go more smoothly because:

We will review your policy to make sure you understand what it covers and what it doesn’t.

We will document all the case accordingly for the Insurance Company not leaving any detailed uncovered in a way that the insurance company will have no grounds to deny or settle for less than estimated

We will be prepared to answer questions about the damage to the insurance company filed adjuster in a way that will never be possible by the homeowner.

We take pictures & videotape the damaged area and any damaged property before any repairs to document the insurance adjuster.

With our advices, you will be able to take a decision on what repairs are necessary to protect your home and property from more damage immediately.

We will keep constant communication with your insurance company until the case if settled in your favor and a settlement is reached and will event go to mediation through our experience attorneys if we consider the settlement is not what previously estimated or in case of denial.

Please, learn more about our Insurance Claim Process here and before you contact your Insurance company, call Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters for a free estimate.

Public Adjuster for water Damage in Miami

Claims Process by the Insurance company

After you file the claim, you should hear from the insurance company within a day or two. The insurance company will tell you about its claims process and any responsibilities you have. The company should give you the name of the person who will be working on your claim.

When you have a Water Damage in Miami the company must start investigating your claim within 15 days after receiving written notice and may ask you for more information. Once you send the information, the company has 15 business days to accept or reject your claim. If the company says it will pay your claim, it must pay within five business days. If the company rejects your claim, it must explain its reasons in writing.

As part of the process, the company will send an adjuster to your house to look at the damage. It might be a while if there was a disaster and the area isn’t deemed safe. Try to be home when the adjuster comes so you can discuss the damage and answer any questions.

The company will tell you in writing if your policy covers the damage and will give you an initial damage estimate. Keep in mind that the estimate may change. The company might provide you with a list of contractors, but you don’t have to use someone from the list.

Do you need a Public Adjuster  water Damage in Miami?

Contact Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters because we know what to do in case of water damage in your Property. We provide our services in the entire Florida State and in the State of New Jersey.


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We evaluate existing insurance policies in order to determine wha coverage may be applicable to a claim.


We investigate all detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and any additional expenses. We also evaluate business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses.


We can determine values for settling covered damages. We will prepare, document and support the claim on behalf of the insured.


We negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured, negotiating dollar values and if not able we continue to appraisal or mediation.

What is a Public Adjuster in Miami?

public adjuster is a professional insurance claims managerPublic adjusters are hired to file, document, and advise on insurance claims. They also represent the insured during the process of assessing a claim’s worth and validity and negotiate with the insurance company in order to get the claimant the largest possible settlement. Essentially, a public adjuster is an advocate for the insured, ensuring that claims are correctly submitted and processed, and then working with the insurer in order to obtain the insured a higher payout.