Public Adjuster For Water Damage In Miami
24 Mar

Public Adjuster For Water Damage In Miami Covered In An Insurance Policy?

Hidden water damage is a genuine danger and consequence of water damage at a property caused due to a flood, a burst pipe, and a number of other external forces. It can be caused due to ruptures and leaks that often take place behind walls or under floors, where it is mostly not possible for policyholders to notice the damage.

Homeowners often struggle with detecting such hidden damage and then getting a settlement claim to make the necessary repairs to mitigate more damage. However, according to the new rules set by most of the insurance companies in Miami, a homeowner’s policy will cover the cost of necessary and reasonable repair due to direct physical damage caused to a property or dwelling because of undetected or hidden water loss. This also includes direct or associated damage caused due to the hidden damage such as fungi, mold, or any other microbial damage.

That said, the condition set by the insurance companies is that homeowners report this hidden damage within a period of thirty days from the date the damage should have been or was detected. In case that is done, the cost of the settlement will cover the testing, remediation, debris removal, and/or loss of use.

When it comes to getting paid by insurance companies for hidden water damage, you might find the process a bit tricky. A good Miami public adjuster, such as Alconero and Associates Miami Public Adjusters, can come in handy in this regard. A public adjuster in Miami is just who you need to ensure a fair and prompt settlement so that you can begin the repairs sooner rather than later.

Public Adjuster For Water Damage In Miami In An Insurance Policy?

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We evaluate existing insurance policies in order to determine wha coverage may be applicable to a claim.


We investigate all detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and any additional expenses. We also evaluate business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses.


We can determine values for settling covered damages. We will prepare, document and support the claim on behalf of the insured.


We negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured, negotiating dollar values and if not able we continue to appraisal or mediation.

What is a Public Adjuster in Miami?

public adjuster is a professional insurance claims managerPublic adjusters in miami are hired to file, document, and advise on insurance claims. They also represent the insured during the process of assessing a claim’s worth and validity and negotiate with the insurance company in order to get the claimant the largest possible settlement. Essentially, a public adjuster in miami is an advocate for the insured, ensuring that claims are correctly submitted and processed, and then working with the insurer in order to obtain the insured a higher payout.