As a full-service disaster management company, we are equipped to handle 100% of your recovery, including mitigation, contents processing, remodeling or rebuilding, temporary housing, and claim counseling. Our training goes as far as dealing with the complications associated with mortgage companies. Our pre-storm contracts offer maximum protection before disaster strikes and guarantee that you’ll be the first to receive emergency services following a catastrophic event.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


It is your responsibility as the policyholder to mitigate the damage to your property and to secure it from further harm. This may include board-ups, tarps, water extraction, and/or mold remediation. Your insurer undoubtedly has preferred vendors for these services, but accountability can become an issue if/when substandard work occurs because of the cozy relationship between insurer and vendor. You’re always better off going with your own experts, especially since it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s done right – the first time. Fees for this service are billed to the insurer.

Temporary Housing

If your property is deemed unlivable, you will need to find temporary housing. Again, preferred vendors or referrals from your insurance company automatically put you at a disadvantage, as the vendor has a vested interest in keeping costs down for the insurance company. Our in-house temporary housing department works with the top local real estate and property management professionals to find a home fitting of what you’re entitled to: like kind and quality. We only work for you, never the insurance company. Fees for this service are billed to the insurer.

Contents Services

If you have contents coverage, it is your responsibility to document your losses and prove ownership through receipts, photographs, and other means. This can be very challenging depending on the type and extent of damage. No matter what the adjuster tells you, do not throw anything away until you have reviewed your policy with an outside unbiased expert. Our contents recovery team does a thorough inventory of every single item that was affected by working with you to fill in the blanks. We then put that inventory into the proper format for your insurance company, including all required documentation and replacement value, ensuring a full and speedy recovery. We also provide storage and cleaning services for contents and clothing/linens. Fees for this service are billed to the insurer.

Claim Consulting

Who has time to handle an insurance claim? We do. Let us assist you in the negotiation of your claim, we’ll use our experience and network of experts to establish a fair insurance settlement. We understand the psychology of the claim, and we work overtime to make sure that every last detail is addressed completely making sure you recover what your entitled to. Our record speaks for itself when it comes to making sure that you are paid what you are owned in a timely manner. Fees for this service are paid by the policyholder from settlement funds based on actual results.

Restoration Services

As a licensed and insured general contractor with an exclusive focus on fire, water and storm damages we have over 15 years experience, no one is better prepared to get your home or business restored to your specifications. We only hire the best licensed and insured subcontractors, and personally oversee every inch of the project as if it were our own. All construction materials and design will be reviewed and approved by all parties before one nail is driven, and the work is guaranteed for as long as you own the property. If you are interested in becoming one of our subcontractors, please send us your information. Fees for restoration services, materials, and labor are covered in the settlement that we negotiate with your insurer.

Pre-Storm Contracts

Why wait until disaster strikes? Get the security of knowing that you’re protected now. Some call it insurance for your insurance. We offer two types of pre-storm contracts:

  1. Basic – This contract simply lets us know that in the event of any disaster involving an insurance claim, we will be your first call. In exchange, we give you priority mitigation services in the event of a catastrophe, meaning that you’ll be the first to receive tarps, board ups, and temporary housing services if needed. It also entitles you to a discounted rate for all of our services. You also receive a full expert review of your policy to make sure that you have adequate coverage for your specific property and situation. Our basic pre-storm contract is absolutely free.
  2. Extended – Our extended coverage includes a certified inspection report, including photos and all details surrounding the current condition of the property. This ensures that any new damages resulting in a claim cannot be assumed to be pre-existing damage by your insurer, and makes it much easier to estimate costs. The fee for our extended pre-storm contract depends on the type and size of the property (or properties), and is calculated by square foot.