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Plumbing problems are one of the top issues claimed from insurance companies. However, despite being very common, it is very difficult to have a satisfactory response in this type of claim. If you’re looking for how to make a successful water leak insurance claim, you’ve come to the right place.

Insurance claims can be more complicated than you think. What should be a simple matter can become complex due to the different strategies applied by insurance companies. Therefore, at the time of filing the claim, it is good to anticipate so that everything comes to fruition and you can collect your compensation in a timely manner. This is valid both for claims about pipe leaks, as in any other scenario.

How To Make A Successful Water Filtration Insurance Claim: Helpful Tips

Water leaks can be extremely damaging to a home or business. Moisture causes problems that can be superficial, such as damage to the paint on the walls or the fabric of a carpet, or become structural if it reaches the foundation. In addition, the presence of moisture can be the cause of the appearance of additional problems. From mold and mildew that grow silently, to an electrical problem that causes a fire.

The source of leaks can be very diverse. There may be a leak in a water supply line, air conditioner, dishwasher, or shower. To this is added that the filtration can be small but constant. This makes identification difficult, but it produces damage that accumulates over time. When wondering how to make a successful water leak insurance claim, these questions can present a major difficulty.

In many cases, insurance companies use this argument to deny a claim that, in principle, could be fair. If the leak is slight but constant, it could have started a long time ago. The insurer may consider it to be a previous failure and, therefore, not cover it. Furthermore, she could even argue that the user did not take sufficient steps to fix the leak, even though she had time to do so. The fact that the water leak has been present for so long without being repaired can be considered a responsibility of the user and, therefore, the damages that are caused will not be covered by the company.

In addition to how to make a successful water leak insurance claim, it is also a major concern that the claim be for a sufficient amount to cover repair costs. It is common for insurers to try to minimize the value of the damages in order to reduce their expenses for compensation. For this reason, insurance companies invest time and money in making their own cost estimates for their clients’ claims.

Everything that we have detailed before leads us to a logical conclusion: insurance in many cases has interests contrary to those of its clients. Therefore, we can give some useful advice in the event of a water leak. The first is to act quickly, not let yourself be with the problem and try to solve it. The second, knowing precisely the conditions of the insurance policy, to be able to argue solidly. The third, and perhaps the most important, is having the help of a Miami Public Adjuster with the track record and experience of Alconero & Associates.

How to make a successful water filtration insurance claim? Contact a public adjuster

Why is it so important to have a public adjuster for your claim to be successful? There are many reasons for this advantage. First of all, we can be sure that a professional and trained public adjuster has enough experience to anticipate and solve any argument from the insurance company that goes against your interests. The years of work of Alconero & Associates in front of similar cases guarantee that you will be well advised at the time of making the claim.

Perhaps the most important point in making a successful water leak insurance claim is the damage assessment. In this regard, a public adjuster will be your best ally at that time. With the help of trained professionals, you will be able to carry out a damage assessment that includes absolutely each and every one of the expenses necessary for the repair. Many of these damages are probably not visible to the naked eye, but an expert eye can recognize them more easily. That is why it is recommended that you contact your public adjuster even before calling the insurance company. At Alconero & Associates we guarantee that we will do everything possible to help you get the best deal on your claim.