Roof Damage in Miami
29 Jul

The roof is one of the most integral parts of any residential home, as viewed by any home insurance companies. Most people usually file in insurance companies for roof damage in Miami for insurance claims. Roof damage in Miami, caused by either natural occurrences or sudden accidents, is covered in some insurance policies. However, there are some instances where you will not given priority. For example, if a lack of maintenance is the root cause of the roof damage, your insurance policy may not cover those repairs.

The entire section of your insurance policy has a list of all the exclusions, which means that your insurance company will not pay for these sorts of issues. Also, you don’t even want to file for an insurance claim if you just be neglected. Every policy is different from an insurance company to another. However, the most common exclusions for roof damage insurance claims are as follows:

Improper Maintenance

If the roof is more than 20 years old already, most insurance companies won’t cover an insurance claim at all unless it passes through inspection first. However, if your roof is ten years old and suffered greatly from damage due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be granted for an insurance claim.

Hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof once a year and to make some small repairs and cleaning any debris. Cleaning the gutter also prolongs the life of the roof.

Insurance companies determine whether they will pay your claim or not by inspecting the damage after you made reports regarding the roof damage. The carrier will also have a list of excluded roofing materials. Slate, recycled, and solar roods are not often covered or not completely covered to insurance claims due to the extra cost associated with their maintenance. By this, you should be selective of the new roof you plan to install. Alconero and Associates—Public Adjuster in Miami remind clients to check their policies or change their insurance company if the latter is unreasonable.

Replacement versus Roof Repair

Don’t assume that the insurance company will replace the entire roof solely because of a natural occurrence or a sudden accident happened that leads to roof damage. While it is wreaking havoc on your viewpoint, a public adjuster may decide if it is just okay to replace some damaged shingles. If you opt to redo your roof, you may be shouldering most of the replacement bills. You will also still have to pay the full deductible on your insurance policy before the repairs are partially covered. You should think carefully before assuming that filing an insurance claim is worth it. Ask your public adjuster if you should replace or repair your roof.

Protecting yourself

It’s better to let a roof inspector gives you a written report on the state of your roof annually. For this reason, you have some documents to show to the insurance company proving that a new event causes the damage and that it wasn’t a pre-existing condition. Alconero and Associates—Public Adjuster in Miami advice clients to document the roof damage by taking a picture of the roof, keeping before-and-after shots that can be a big help on getting an insurance claim.

Homeowner insurance

Always remember that the amount that your policy will cover for the roof damage in Miami may not be so much as the deductible you have to pay to get covered. Do not hesitate to ask your insurance agent first what they will and will not be covered because you may only get partially reimbursed for repair or roof replacement. Seek consultation from a public adjuster if you wanted to represent you on the insurance claim process on your behalf.

Get all the figures and decide which is the most cost-effective, reaching into your pocket or paying a deductible to have your insurance company help pay for the cost.

How can we help?

Elicit the help of Alconero and Associate—Public Adjuster in Miami for them to file, investigate, compile, and ultimately represent you on your behalf to ensure that you can get the maximum insurance claim on roof damage.




We evaluate existing insurance policies in order to determine wha coverage may be applicable to a claim.


We investigate all detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and any additional expenses. We also evaluate business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses.


We can determine values for settling covered damages. We will prepare, document and support the claim on behalf of the insured.


We negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured, negotiating dollar values and if not able we continue to appraisal or mediation.

What is a Public Adjuster in Miami?

public adjuster is a professional insurance claims managerPublic adjusters are hired to file, document, and advise on insurance claims. They also represent the insured during the process of assessing a claim’s worth and validity and negotiate with the insurance company in order to get the claimant the largest possible settlement. Essentially, a public adjuster is an advocate for the insured, ensuring that claims are correctly submitted and processed, and then working with the insurer in order to obtain the insured a higher payout.