How to File a Property Insurance Claim. Step by Step


Contact Alconero & Associates by calling 305-606-1000 or emailing [email protected]. The more information that you provide us about the claim that you want to file the better. Depending on what type of claim it is, sometimes, we need to schedule a time for inspection of property damage. Please provide us your availability in order to expedite the claims process for you as soon as possible, and so that one of our claims adjusters can reach out to you with more information.


Once you have become our client, we will begin to review all the information that you have provided and determine what steps to take. A comprehensive review will take place to determine the possible insurance coverage, limits, exclusions, and other forms that may apply to your specific loss and will be determined by a claims adjuster. Claims strategies depend on what recent court cases ruled towards standard insurance policies may influence the decision and/or route we take with your claim. Other methods that we use are industry specific and require research and studying current practices and procedures.


Your claims adjuster will help you with this extensive and very detailed step. There will be necessary paperwork that needs to be filled out and there are certain requirements that insurance companies hold us accountable for. Insurance companies need documentation in order to properly asses your claim. Instructions for this claims process step will be mapped out for you by a 1 Step Claims Adjuster. Documentation can included but not limited to damage estimates, construction estimates, inventory estimates, business interruption forecasts, and any other supporting documentation.


Your claim will be submitted once it has been reviewed by all necessary parties within Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters. Our staff of claims adjusters will analyze the data and evaluate if all losses are acknowledged within the claim, and we will make sure that all policy provisions have been upheld through necessary paperwork. After we make sure that all documents are in place and we have critically appraised your claim, a claims adjuster will submit the property insurance claim to the insurance carrier.


Once your claim has been approved, a 1 Step Public Claims Adjuster can begin to negotiate a settlement for your claim. No claim is settled prior to your approval and we will make sure to get the best amount that we can get for your loss. Sometimes a settlement can take a while as insurance may probe us with more questions and/or documentation. A 1 Step claims adjuster will ensure that we defend the value and validity of all the different areas of your claim. Our professional staff will not only get your claim resolved as efficiently as we can but we will also get you paid without risking any components of the claim.