Different Types Of Roof Damage in Miami
22 Dec

There are certain types of roof damage, and each type possesses characteristics that differ from the others. To preserve the structural integrity of your property, you need to repair roof damage if they are now evident. Delaying repair, or much worse, ignoring the roof damage may constitute further damage to your property. Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster for House Fire in Miami list down the most common types and the reasons why you need to seek out repairs immediately when you see these problems.

Moisture damage. The accumulation of moisture brings negative effects on your roof.  Various problems can cause moisture damage—from failed sealants, torn underlayment, cracks and loose tiles, and more.  If ignored, moisture can cause rot, decay, mold, mildew, and moss.  It can also potentially accumulate pests that can abruptly weaken your roof, and worse, your home structure.

Bear in mind that dreaded stained ceiling or walls are the most common signs of moisture damage. Moisture damage can occur long before these signs become evident; hence a public adjuster will recommend you to undergo quality roof maintenance to address this potential problem afterward.

Roof Leak. Your roof is meant to keep your property dry and cozy. If your roof possesses holes and torn-off sections, water will most likely enter inside your home and pose wreak havoc. The insulation in your ceiling can get affected by water damage. This can affect the energy efficiency in your home and will drive your utility bills up since your HVAC system has to work twice to maintain your desired comfort levels. Hence, it is essential to prioritize roof leak repairs to avoid these problems afterward.

Cracks and Puncture. These types of roof damage in Miami are closely related to moisture damage because they tend to have direct causes. Cracks and punctures occur mainly due to poor installation or poor roof maintenance. Take note that some parts of your roof are vulnerable and fragile; hence, punctures on seals, having tear on underlayment, or moisture barriers can be possible when you made a careless step or used tools improperly. It is best to leave work and seek help from an expert roof technician, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Moreover, falling debris is a rare cause of puncture and cracks on your roof.  It usually occurs when strong windstorms hit your property. It is essential to check your roof after a terrible storm and look for signs of roof damage.

Loose and Broken Shingles. Roof shingles need to be installed properly. Especially when it is installed properly or made use of weak adhesives, shingles can blow off when strong winds pass through your property and leave parts of your roof bare. Aside from strong winds, debris and heavy hail can also break and tear away shingles. When this occurs, a public adjuster recommends you quickly replace the singles with new patches to avoid further damage.

Worn-down Roofing Materials. You can barely distinguish if your roof is now worn out. When the shingles are now bare and grayed-out, you better need to do serious work. If possible, opt for a full roof replacement when the roofing materials come to the last year of their life span as they tend to be fragile.  Seek expert advice from a professional roofer for quick inspection and tell whether your roof damage in Miami needs a repair job or a total roof replacement.

Structural Damage. When the roof supports start failing or shifting, possible structural damage can occur.  This may cause your roof to tilt, buckle, or experience some other odd issues that may pose safety risks for you and the people on your property. It is a serious problem that also requires a large repair project to fix it. Consult Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster for House Fire in Miami to guide you on insurance claim settlement for issues on roof damage.

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