Alconero and Associates - How To Spot Mold Damage in Miami
25 Oct

Molds are microorganisms that can be found almost anywhere—and Miami is no exception. These organisms can be found in wet environments, such as near leaks in roofs, windows, pipes, or in areas where there has been flooding. In light of that, it can cause water damage or mold damage in Miami homes. 

Miami is one of the cities in Florida that shows grave risks of being flooded in the future. If you have been residing there, then one dilemma that you might encounter is–water damage or mold damage in Miami. Although molds are crucial to the environment, it is detrimental to humans as it benefits us less. Because if left unattended, it can cause enduring structural damage in your home, and health problems in certain individuals. So learning to spot molds before mold damage quickly spreads in your surroundings is crucial. Indicated below are some signs of mold damage problems in your households.

You have noticed irregular dark spots on your walls.

Molds may take on a variety of forms, textures, and hues. It can resemble everything from green, and perchance gray, depending on how severe the mold damage in your walls is. If you see your walls break and rip in different places, it is encouraged for you to double-check leaks in the pipes or uncontrolled humidity in the space for water damage. If you find it tedious and unknowing, then having it checked by a professional is a great thing to do.

You have spotted water leakage in your household. 

Many people are unaware that molds are produced by more than just significant water damage, such as floods or, perhaps, a visible leak. Mold can form as a result of any sort of leak that is not properly fixed. Mold, on the other hand, grows quickly.

You have noticed your water bill increasing.

Because molds can cause water leakage and water damage, your water bill will almost certainly rise. The greater the size of the leak or water damage, the more water will be wasted, and the higher the water cost. Molds thrive in humid environments, which is why water leaks from failing water pipelines frequently contribute to mold development and spread.

You have spotted areas in your household that have a lot of moisture.

Molds are quite frequent in homes and houses. Molds most of the time flourish in wet environments that emanate moisture, such as surrounding leaks in roofs, gallons, pipes, or in areas where there has been flooding. If you have passed certain areas at home that are notably tangible to moisture, then that could be a sign of mold damage in your Miami home. Without the right equipment, this is impossible to determine, therefore it is always best to call specialists. 

You have been experiencing frequent water damages. 

Water damage in Miami is a typical occurrence in most households–giving rise to mold damage insurance claims. Whether it is caused by a flood or pipe burst, seek help from a public adjuster in the first two days to contain mold growth. You should note down every conversation you made with your public adjuster, including the consultant and contractor you deal with.  It is important to repair water damage as soon as possible to reduce the emergence of molds while seeking assistance from a public adjuster in Miami. You should also confirm all agreements in writing and insist on appointments and deadlines. It is essential if you keep business cards from everyone involved in your mold damage insurance claims. 

You have noticed a strange smell from your cooling and heating systems.

It is always worth investigating if you smell something strange. Molds can be detected by a foul odor emanating from your air conditioner or heating system. Thus, a sign of mold damage.

Molds thrive in stand-alone air conditioning systems, in particular. When not in use, they are wet, gloomy, and frequently exposed to heated temperatures, which can also exacerbate water damage. Placing an air conditioner in a warm basement or closet during the winter also enhances the possibility of mold damage.

You have moved into a new house.

Yes, you read it correctly. Modernized residences, buildings, or houses even in Miami are notable for harboring molds. In contrast to old, ventilated stone buildings, modernized homes are compact, which prompts water and moisture to accumulate inside, rather than being naturally aerated. With that, water damage in Miami can aggravate. If your house is still under insurance, then referring your mold damage problem to a public adjuster is susceptible.

How to deal with mold damage in your Miami home

In the event your property shows signs of mold damage, it is important to document it as much as possible and take a photo of the visible mold damage. After that, contact a public adjuster in Miami. Filing an insurance claim can be complicated and stressful. A public adjuster in Miami can assist in assessing the extent of the mold damage, reviewing your insurance policy for maximum claim benefits, and recommending a service to handle the cleaning and removal.

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