Plumbing Damages

Plumbing Damages

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damages to Property From Plumbing Leak?

Plumbing systems are never covered under insurance policies. However, damages caused by that plumbing are covered. If your home is subjected to water damages, you have to bring a plumber in, and the plumber has to break through the floor or wall to get to the damage, then that damage done by the plumber is covered along with the cost of the repair job itself and any damage caused by leaking water.

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The Complete Inspection BEFORE!

It is of the utmost importance that you have a complete inspection of the damages performed before any repair work is done. Insurance adjusters representing your insurance company will perform an inspection, however there are often places (such as behind walls) that these adjusters fail to take note of. Having a full inspection completed is one of many reasons to bring in professional public adjusters like Alconero and Associates. Alconero and Associates uses infrared cameras and moisture meters to ensure any and all water damage is found and documented. This way, they can be sure that the insurance company pays for all of the damages associated with the claim.

Florida Statutes for Insurance Companies

Florida statutes require insurance companies to associate themselves with a claim, accept the claim, and make a payment of an undisputed amount on that claim within 90 days of it being filed, so the sooner you have an inspection completed, the better.

Make a game plan so that you’re prepared in the event that you face water damage in your home. The most common household damages experienced in South Florida are plumbing and drain leaks. The iron drain lines that run underneath the foundations of structures built before 1976 tend to erode over time due to the high levels of salt in the bedrock of this region. When these lines collapse, humidity and water gather underneath the foundation of the structure, travelling up the walls and bringing about further damage.

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Practicing vigilance in your home is the best defense against water damage. Water damage often occurs in places you never think to look, such as in the back of kitchen cabinets that are full of pots and pans, or in the walls surrounding showers, where leaks can spring up without your noticing. If you do see any signs of damage, have that game plan ready to go.
Call Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster and they will perform a comprehensive inspection to identify any instances of damage.

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